Saturday, April 08, 2006

Barrhaven Homeowner Blames Planes for Falling Ice

For the third time in three years, an icy mass bouncing off the roof of an Ottawa-area home has left the family inside a little shaken up.

Now, they are asking Transport Canada to do something about it.

But despite calls, investigators from the federal agency have not yet come to inspect the most recent intruder — a gravel-filled chunk measuring nearly two metres long.

Karen Scroggins has kept the ice, in sections, in the family freezer since it landed on her Barrhaven home, on Feb. 13.

"All of a sudden, right over our heads, there was a loud crashing sound like something had exploded on the roof," Scroggins told CBC News. "Then there was a rolling sound and then, a smash as something hit the sidewalk."

Scroggins, whose home is on the flight path of the Ottawa International Airport, says that when she rushed outside, she could hear an airplane heading in that direction.

Up to 50 jets a day fly over her neighbourhood, she said.

Other neighbours say it hasn't happened to them, and they are astounded that the Scroggins home continues to get hit.

"I don't know if we're just off the flight path, but so far, nothing of concern for our home," Kathleen Watkinson said.

"For the Scroggins, it's three years in a row. That's a bit disconcerting."


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