Saturday, April 08, 2006

Haunted Places in Ottawa

Do not visit the listed locations without permission of the owner.

Ontario - Kanata - St. Anne’s Catholic School - Some people have been spotting what seems to be the ghosts of a dog walking down the halls, many have heard barks and at night, local residents complain of howling noises.

Ontario - Ottawa - Carleton County Jail - The Carleton County Jail is what is now the International Youth Hostile. It also housed the last hanging in Canada. This was the hanging of the innocent P.J. Whalen supposed murderer of the Irish politician Thomas D’Arcy Mcgee. It is an extremely haunted place with many ghosts. Every Halloween they hang a dummy, and the sound of the gallows doors opening is the most horrible sound imaginable. Tours of the jail are available by the hostile or by ghost tours such as Haunted Walk. The jail is always the highlight of the evening.

Ontario - Ottawa - Chateau Laurier - Well there’s a lot of hauntings going on here. It’s lovely, enormous hotel, but when you go in you can immediately feel the eeriness about it. One of the ghosts is the founder of the hotel. He had gone to Europe to buy furniture for the hotel and he died on the Titanic. Also a lot of other residents, the employees there have had many experiences with ghosts; such as odd rattling and shaking, also a sighting of a small ghost girl. They have a haunted tour that goes on there.

Ontario - Ottawa - City Hall - some employees feel an eerie presence while in some of the rooms, and they have also heard footsteps at night when no one was supposed to be there

Ontario - Ottawa - Courtyard Restaurant - A woman is often seen looking out one of the second floor windows. Also, staff closing up for the night have heard footsteps, and have seen what they believe to be a person. Theory is that the woman was trapped in the building during a fire, and is now coming to the window looking for her rescuer.

Ontario - Ottawa - Museum at Metcalfe Street - late at night, on the fourth floor, the displayed Indian and native masks rotate, artifacts move askew, and lights turn on and off. Security personnel hate to do their walk rounds on the fourth floor for these very reasons.

Ontario - Ottawa - Museum of Nature - reports of strange noises like howls. Cold spots all over the 4th floor(west).

Ontario - Ottawa - Polish Village - A long time ago, in a Polish village close to Ottawa, someone was killed. Her name was Stefania. People say a ghost killed her, and some people say she committed suicide. No one really knows how she died. But ever since, no one has dared to return in the house she lived in. Stefania haunts it.

Ontario - Ottawa - Youth International Hostile - This was an old jail. It was also the place that the last public hanging took place. On the 3rd floor you will feel an eerie presence watching you. In the shower room, you get into the shower, take it as normal, get out to see your clothes scattered all over the hallways on the floor. It cannot be a person, because all the people were gone, and the doors are heavy ones that you can hear opening no matter what! The doors are known to lock themselves (although the locks were removed) You can hear voices screaming and moaning for help. The hostile hosts a “ghost tour” of the building.

Ontario - Pembroke - Champlain museum - People have seen ghosts walking around after dark, It was reported in the local newspaper.

Ontario - Perth - Formerly Great War Memorial Hospital. now Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital - Believed to be cursed, It has been reported that spirits of the Malloch family have been seen at second story windows and roaming upstairs hallways. Apparently they appear cursed and sickly looking. The hospital has undergone extensive renovations and the original house is barely recognizable now. For pictures of this building see the following website. The original house is located at the extreme right hand end of the building.

Ontario - Perth - Perth Museum - This museum used to be the home of a prosperous family in Perth. At night, caretakers have reported seeing the ghosts of the family that once occupied the home. Customers in the museum have also claimed to see the ghosts.


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