Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ottawa Blacklisted Housing Locations

The Affordable Housing in your neighbourhood can decrease the value of your property.
Please check this black list of new Affordable Housing in Ottawa.
Is your Ottawa property affected by this?

The New Affordable Housing locations in Ottawa:

750 March Road, Kanata;
155 and 343 Parkin Circle, Gloucester;
43 Meridian Place, Nepean;
380 Somerset St. West, Ottawa Center;
309 Athlone Avenue, Nepean;
1067 and 1071 Cummings Avenue, Gloucester;
345 Clarence Street, Vanier.


Blogger DivaRachel said...

If we build low-income housing, does that mean the first occupiers will ge to stay there forever, or is it a temporary housing solution until they get back on their feet? Those who live in the existing low-income housing units -- how long have they been there and is there a plan on moving up? or is it a perpetual hand-out? Why is this question never addressed in the media?

12:46 PM  

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