Sunday, September 24, 2006

Toronto Subsidized Housing in Ottawa. What?

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation operates a couple of subsidized units for people with MCS at an undisclosed location in Scarborough. There are also seven such units in the Nepean area of Ottawa.
Why this unpopular housing was built in Ottawa? I think Richmond Hill in Toronto is the best place to build this "scrap" housing.


Anonymous Sue the City of Toronto said...

Here is an excerpt from this page on Sean Meagher and Toronto Community Housing at and how the NDP profit off of the poor

Save Our Structures and Toronto Public Housing

Toronto Community Housing Corporation, (TCHC,) the public housing company owned by the City of Toronto, encourages tenants who are unhappy with the unlivable conditions in many of the buildings to join a group called Save Our Structures.

TCHC, the public housing landlord says joining SOS is the way to protest against them. But then TCHC is the one who funds this group that they falsely claim is a grassroots organization.

Why would the landlord encourage tenants to join a group to fight them? Of course because it is a sham they created themselves!

It was TCHC who paid local politco Sean Meagher, former longtime executive assistant to Toronto city councillor Pam McConnell to run the "tenant association".

Sean Meagher is known as a local politico who at election times tries to exercise his influence by creating political action groups like the Scarborough Civic Action Network whose email is

Another groups that Meagher runs are Action for Neighbourhood Change Scarborough Village

Meagher's income comes from his for profit business named Public Interest Strategy & Communications Incorporated,, whose income comes from nonprofit groups especially the ones he helps create.

His company was paid by the City of Toronto's, Economic Development department, to write a report called, "Regent Park Employment, Skills & Economic Development Study" so you know he doesn't want to upset the city and risk not getting any more big contracts like that one...

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