Saturday, April 08, 2006

West Carleton Arena Project Moves to Next Stage

City Council today approved Capital Sports Management Inc. (CSMI) as the private-sector partner to design, build and operate the new community complex in West Carleton at the Kinburn District Client Service Centre site. The arena is targeted for operation in December 2006.

“This Public-Private Partnership, or P3, will create a state-of-the-art facility that will act as a community hub with a much needed recreational focus for the rural residents of West Carleton,” said Mayor Bob Chiarelli. “The aim of the P3 process is to secure partnerships that are competitive and ensure that the City obtains excellent value for money - this is in the best interests of our residents.”

The single-pad arena will have an NHL-sized ice pad with seating capacity for 200-250 spectators. It will also have four full-sized dressing rooms, two opposite-sex dressing rooms, a referee dressing room, public washrooms, and concession areas in the lobby. The ice surface will be constructed with the capacity to add a second NHL-sized ice pad when demand is established. Multipurpose space for rentals, offices and meeting rooms will be integrated in the existing Client Service Centre to enhance its role as a community hub and to provide additional space for recreational programming.

“These new facilities will provide residents with convenient access to much-needed additional ice surface and ice time, and west-end rural residents will gain improved access to programs and services,” said West Carleton Councillor Eli El-Chantiry. “Paramedics will also be located closer to more rural residents, reducing response times in cases of emergency. This project fills a longstanding need.”

CSMI was selected as a result of a competitive bidding process for the project, which includes a new indoor arena, an outdoor mini soccer field, a new paramedic post and enhancement of the existing facilities at the Kinburn District Client Service Centre site.

Under the terms of the deal, the City will continue to own the facilities while CSMI will operate and maintain the public areas of the complex. The City will invest $8.2M in the facilities, buy and resell 800 hours of ice time to users at current City rates, pay an annual operating fee to CSMI and cover any annual operating shortfalls. CSMI will maximize revenue opportunities through programming and selling the remaining ice hours, leasing the commercial space in the Client Service Centre, and selling advertising and sponsorship at the arena. The agreement is for a 20-year term.

“CSMI is honoured to be selected as the private-sector partner for this project, building on our P3 experience with the Bell Sensplex,” added CSMI’s Executive Director Randy Sexton. “The arena in West Carleton will do wonders for the community. We look forward to launching construction and to developing the overall complex into an active community hub for area residents.”


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