Friday, April 07, 2006

Ottawa Councilor Helps Eliminate Cockroaches

River Ward Coun. Maria McRae, who is also chairwoman of Ottawa's Community Housing Corp., said yesterday if a handful of residents living at 1465 and 1485 Caldwell Ave. don't make more of an effort to keep cockroaches out of their units, they should start looking for somewhere else to live.

She said the OCHC has taken drastic steps to eradicate the infestation of cockroaches in the two buildings, including spraying elevator shafts, some apartment units and garbage rooms where the insects tend to migrate.

"It's despicable that tenants who are complying are forced to endure the circumstance because of tenants who don't want to follow the rules," said McRae, adding the tenants have been told how to properly store food and not to leave garbage lying around their home.

"They don't deserve the privilege of living in OCHC and I would support eviction."

The housing corporation's CEO Ron Larkin said last summer the two buildings were sprayed and cost the city about $5,000. Because the cockroach problem continues, due to a few tenants who aren't complying with the rules, Larkin added OCHC is preparing to spend another $5,000 to spray again.

The OCHC has initiated action at the housing tribunal against tenants from three units for not co-operating.


Public housing tenants at 1485 and 1465 Caldwell were told by housing officials at a meeting on Feb 6, 2006 their apartments would face a major bait and dust offensive against the cockroaches this week and next. Officials warned tenants they could face eviction if they did not co-operate.


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