Friday, April 07, 2006

City of Ottawa has NOT Banned Pesticides

"Pesticides are poisons" said City of Ottawa, but since May 2004 no actions take place that could reduce and/or stop pesticides use.

City of Ottawa should prepare a by-law for the end of 2005.
To date, we still have no regulations concerning pesticides use in Ottawa City.

If the effects of pesticides are so clearly dangerous to the general public, why hasn't Health Canada restricted them already?
Health Canada has not banned pesticides, so why should the City of Ottawa?

In Ottawa we use pesticides everywhere: routine spraying of apartments, condos, offices (and the associated lawns), public buildings and public spaces (parks, green spaces alongside highways, power line rights of way), and in motels, hotels, and restaurants.

The majority of municipal candidates and politicians in Ottawa against a Healthy Ottawa.

Bob Monette
, Ottawa City Councillor from Orléans Ward in the city's east end, will hopefully be replaced by a pro-health, pro-pesticide bylaw candidate.


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