Friday, April 07, 2006

Ottawa City Offers NO Affordable Housing

We found this message on the official City of Ottawa web site:
Affordable Private Market Housing

How to find rental accommodation in the private market:

The best source of information about rental accommodation available in the private market is the classified advertisement sections of the local newspapers. There are also a number of free publications available in some shops and news stands. The Yellow Pages in the Ottawa-Hull telephone directory are another source - look under Apartments, Apartment Rental Agencies, Hostels, House Rentals, Rooming and Boarding Homes.

It is often cheaper to rent a room or share a large apartment than it is to rent an apartment alone. The classified sections in local newspapers also have ads for rooms to rent or homes to share. The Advocacy, Legal and Referral Services section of this Directory lists a number of organizations that may be able to help find accommodation in the private market.

So, there are no real offers from City of Ottawa. They have only miracle solutions for us.

Part of the problem is that the basis of low income housing is based on moderate income levels. The formula is totally backwards. No one will tell me what affordable housing means. If affordable to you means I don’t qualify then it’s not affordable.


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