Saturday, April 08, 2006

Carp Road Landfill - On The Way To The Future

Premier Dalton McGuinty wasn't prepared yesterday to get involved in the Carp Road landfill expansion that has angered area residents, and a spokeswoman from his office said it would likely remain a municipal issue.

The premier said the province is "open to new technologies" when dealing with waste management and referred to an "exciting pilot program," between the municipality and Rod Bryden, president and chief operating officer of Plasco Energy Group as an example of being open to new waste management technologies.

The premier made the comment yesterday at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, where he was attending the opening ceremony of new lab facilities.

Mr. Bryden hopes to prove his garbage conversion technology, called plasma gasification (which breaks garbage down using heat and converts it to energy) will help solve the problem of rapidly filling landfills like the one on Carp Road. The technology hasn't been used on a commercial scale, and the landfill may soon triple in size in an expansion plan that has area residents up in arms.

John Tory, the leader of Ontario's Conservative party, said a week ago the Carp Road issue is part of a provincewide crisis in waste management. He said the province must incinerate its garbage because nobody wants landfills in their neighbourhoods and the province needs the power generated by incineration plants.

On Wednesday, 2,000 angry protesters packed a Stittsville gymnasium to object to the smelly landfill expansion, some wearing "No dump" buttons and carrying signs. Many of the residents at the meeting want the dump moved to another location. They are upset with the smell at the site, which takes in half of Ottawa's garbage.

Residents also brought up concerns about the quality of ground and well water in the area, and expressed fear that other cities' garbage could be brought to Ottawa because the expansion would give it enough space to operate for another 25 years.


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