Thursday, June 12, 2008

Layoffs at Dell in Ottawa

Dell has laid off an undisclosed number of sales staff from their Ottawa office this week, adding to the nearly 1,100 pink slips originally announced by the U.S.-based computer giant in late April.

A few sales staff members were laid off this week, but could not provide exact numbers. But he said that number is in addition to 20 to 30 call center employees also to be laid off this week as per Dell's original announcement nearly two months ago, in which more than one thousand jobs were to be cut in two separate rounds of layoffs.

While the bulk of the second round will occur the week of June 27, some jobs would stay in Ottawa until August or even early September. And that's because of the business unit that they're in, and how they're being integrated into our world network.

Although the bulk of the people are slated to go at the end of June, there will be some people leaving at the end of this week.

There are some units that are going to go a little earlier, and some that are going to go a little later than we expected.

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