Thursday, January 18, 2007

Toronto Tenants Group Demands Landlords Be Licensed

You've seen them on restaurant doors and windows. How would you feel about seeing them on apartment buildings?

A Toronto councillor is suggesting the city implement a ratings system for landlords to let prospective tenants know if a building is in good condition - and whether you should live there.

It's similar to the red, yellow and green 'pass/warning/fail' system now used in Toronto eateries.

Councillor believes it's the only way to force landlords to literally clean up their acts and be more responsible toward their tenants.

We will divide buildings in the city into "A," "B" and "C" and "D" buildings. The "D" buildings will pay very high license fees, let's say $400 bucks per year ... per apartment unit.

Lobby groups on both sides of the issue will be at the building on Friday for a special committee meeting, but if Moscoe has his way, his licensing plan will be implemented within two years.

Syed is hoping he'll be long gone before then.


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