Saturday, November 25, 2006

Get Canada's 150,000 Homeless People Back On Their Feet

Harper in Ottawa is breaking all the rules in how things are done.

With 150,000 people in this country homeless how can the government brag about a surplus.

Canada has to be careful we are not creating a segregated society where immigrants coming here to Canada are doing worse than they would have at home.

We must be honest. There are problems and these community leaders seemed very open to anything that would keep kids from starving or ending up in gangs.

The question though is how do you do this. The old ways have not worked. It all starts with affordable housing.

There are ways to do it, too. Don't just have subsided rents controlled by the city but instead start to work in a rent-to-own program by borrowing a page out of Muhammad Yunus's Nobel Prize winning concept of micro-credit and micro-banking.

Rather than having a hand-out approach, have a responsibility attached to it and help those people who deserve a leg up. How can that hurt us? The money is going to be spent anyway.


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