Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ottawa Top Homebuilders Bullshit

I found this sponsored story in Ottawa Business Journal with billshit answers about the future of the Ottawa Housing Market from Ottawa Top Homebuilders as Minto, Urbandale and Tartan.

Look at the answers or check the website:

Q1: How would you characterize the residential market in the city at present?

A reasonable market, strong first time homebuyers market, fair move-up market.
We have a relatively balanced market with a little more strength in the townhouse market than the single-family homes.
We sell suburban housing in the south end and west end. The market has levelled off from a few years ago, but is still strong and stable, relative to the last 10 years or so.
Q2: How has the market cycle of the past eight years impacted your business? What impact do you expect it to have going forward?

Minto has gone from building 500 homes a year to over 1,000 homes a year in that time period. Looking ahead, we are well positioned to respond to the market.
It's taught us to be more attuned to customer needs, in order to be able to react quickly to emerging trends. By offering a variety of home designs and lots sizes, in different locations, the company is better able to respond to changing market requirements in the future.
Our business has grown over the pass six years, both in terms of the number sales and in the number of people working for us. If sales stay steady, we will continue with our current number of employees

Let's take a closer look at the last question: "...the market cycle of the past eight years...". The Housing Market cycle is more than 8 years. After the last housing boom ended in the 1990s everything is growing up.


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