Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ten Digit Dialing Arrives in Ottawa 613 Area Code

The simple act of dialing a telephone number is becoming more complicated, as of today.

Ten-digit local dialing – which requires users to dial the area code before a local number – is now in place within the 613 area code, as well as in the 450, 514 and 819 area codes in Quebec and the 519 area in southwestern Ontario.

As of June 17, users who do not dial the 10 digits will hear a recorded message prompting them to dial the area code followed by the seven-digit local number. Their call will then proceed, but this message could disrupt communications such as fax or Internet transmissions.

The changeover means both consumers and businesses will have to re-program their telephones, dial-up Internet connections and alarm systems, adding the area code to the local number.

For business, here is a partial checklist of things to consider:
  • pre-programmed cell phone numbers and other wireless devices
  • fax machines
  • speed-dialing lists
  • dial-up Internet connections
  • telephone options such as call forwarding and call blocking
  • alarm and security systems
  • company databases and phone lists
Businesses are also advised to update work documents such as letterhead and business cards, invoices, brochures and catalogues as well as signage, vehicles, directory listings and websites. Adjustments should be made before the June 17 deadline.

Local 10-digit dialing has been introduced to meet the high demand for new telephone numbers. In the National Capital area, it will allow the same seven-digit phone number to be used in both the 613 and 819 area codes.

The telephone companies have set up a special website at to provide more information.


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