Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ottawa Low-Income Residents Must Pay $350 For Their Screen Doors

Ottawa Community Housing Corporation says if residents want to enjoy a summer breeze through a screen door, it will cost 350-dollars.

Residents were told last July the screen doors had to go because heat would get trapped between the two doors, causing the replacement door to warp, voiding the warranty, and that the new doors provided better security. Residents, many without air conditioning, depended on the doors for air circulation.

These folks pay taxes but they don't have $350 for a screen door that the city provided in the first place.

On January 27, 2006 the Ottawa Community Housing Board altered its plans so that low-income residents can keep their screen doors.

The board reconsidered its decision in the face of a negative public response, and agreed to install screen doors with all new metal doors from now on. Outside of that, anyone who wants a screen will have to pay $350, but can spread the payments over three years.


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