Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Homes Are Much Larger Than Their Older Counterparts

New home yards may be smaller or non-existent. Now homeowners want large homes to house their "toys", but may have less interest in maintaining outdoor living spaces. A recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association said that approximately 60 percent of new homes include a network of high-speed data, voice and HDTV-capable wiring. Buyers are no longer interested in a formal dining room and living room to act as an unused showcase. Rather, some builders have nixed the living room in lieu of a great room, which includes a spacious eat-in-kitchen that opens up to a den or game room. Gone are the days when homeowners would house electronics within an entertainment center or behind closed doors. Today's gadget lovers want their top-of-the line products on display and in use. With homes much larger, energy costs are likely a concern for homeowners. That's why many builders are also including "smart home" features, equipping their houses with technology that controls home systems from one location. Heating, security, cooling, audio and other systems can be programmed, helping owners use fewer resources. These systems are also accessed via the Web, so homeowners can turn the heat down a notch anywhere they have access to the Internet.


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