Friday, April 07, 2006

Lesbians Seeking Info on Nice Communities to Live In

We found interesting and amusing question on Google Answers. Somebody in Ottawa community has to look out for this:

A friend and I are ~40yo youthful lesbians. We would like to get information on the best cities/towns to live in that might provide the following:

1) An organized lesbian community, which would include places to go and things to do, other than consuming alcohol at a bar, where we could meet other lesbians and become involved in the community quickly. (An overly small community might not be as open to newcomers.)

2) The option of living at least somewhat rurally, so that you had green trees and grass around you. It would be OK if it were a 30-minute drive to an "organized" community/city. Also, this rural atmosphere would need to provide space for cats to run free without necessarily getting hit by cars (i.e., avoidance of major roads) and wilderness space for walks with dogs.

3) Water nearby would be important (streams, ponds, lakes, ocean, etc.). "Nearby" could be a little bit of a drive as well, just accessible for trips.

4) Reasonable acceptance in the area or in a nearby city/town, where we could go out with other lesbians and not feel overly concerned about our welfare.

5) Info about, or links to, the gun possession laws in the respective state would be appreciated. We believe in owning and possibly carrying handguns, and don't want to be extremely limited in that arena.

6) An educated community, rather than a place where it is difficult to find people speaking college-level English, would be preferred. Thus, if there are universities nearby, or a medical or technological "hub," that would be important.

7) As far as the cost of living goes, a lower cost of living would be preferable than that found in NYC, L.A., Boston, etc. However, if we were able to live rurally and commute to a larger city, I would assume the cost of living for rent or home purchase in a rural area would be better. The more info you can provide on that, the better, or perhaps links to that info.

Hope this wasn't too detailed, just tried to anticipate the major issues. We work from home, via computer on a national level, so the job market is not immensely important. But, an academic community somewhere in the vicinity would be very helpful. I often need to do research in scientific or medical journals that could only be found at a university library or high-level public library.

Thanks in advance,

The full story is here


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