Friday, April 07, 2006

Homeowners Insurance Tips

Insurance isn't protecting homeowners like it used to. Today more and more insurance companies are refusing to write new policies in vulnerable areas and canceling other homeowner policies in order to help their bottom line.

If your insurer refuses to renew your policy coverage, don't sweat it. The insurance industry is still rife with competition. The Internet has opened up many more opportunities to find these players.

if you do live in an area that has seen more than its fair share of natural disasters, chances are your state has set up a joint underwriters program are insurance pools that sell insurance to people who can't get coverage in the private market. But this should really be a last resort. These policies are expensive and don't give you as much coverage as a private insurer.

Make sure you know how much insurance you're going to need. Estimate how much it would cost to replace your home by calculating how many square feet you have and multiply that number by the local construction cost per square foot for homes in your neighborhood.


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