Saturday, April 08, 2006

Celebrating Finnish Architecture and Design at the Sussex Gallery

The City of Ottawa is hosting Helsinki Contemporary Urban Architecture and Cool Dozen - Chair Design and Textile Prints from Finland, an exhibition celebrating the best of Finnish design and architecture. His Excellency Pasi Patokallio, the Ambassador of Finland and Councillor Jacques Legendre opened the exhibition last night at the Sussex Gallery, in the presence of Pekka Korpinen, Deputy Mayor of City Planning and Real Estate for Helsinki.

“By hosting this exhibit of Finnish art and design here in the nation’s capital, we’re creating a dialogue between Helsinki and Ottawa,” stated Councillor Legendre. “It shows us what we have in common and give us the opportunity to learn new things about each of our cultures.”

Organized by the Embassy of Finland, Design Forum Finland and the City of Helsinki, the two-in-one exhibit highlights Helsinki’s accomplishments in architecture and the Finnish love affair with design. Helsinki Contemporary Urban Architecture, photographed by Jussi Tiainen, is a photo exhibition of 60 buildings, structures and places in the Finnish capital. The modern architectural designs, ranging from a sauna to major public landmarks, offer a contrast to Finland’s unspoiled landscape.

Cool Dozen pairs Finnish chairs and printed fabrics. The innovative designs showcased in the exhibition take a modern twist on traditional Finnish design. The 12 chairs, ranging from masterpieces by Alvar Aalto to prototypes by emerging designers, are paired with world-famous textile designs.

“Finnish design has become world-renowned for its innovation and beauty,” commented His Excellency Pasi Patokallio. “We are proud to be celebrating its excellence around the world and here in Canada.”

Helsinki Contemporary Urban Architecture and Cool Dozen - Chair Design and Textile Prints from Finland will be open to the public at the Sussex Gallery (Former Ottawa City Hall), 111 Sussex Drive, until March 19, 2006. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.


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